NFT Monkey: Priciest Primates of All

The NFT Monkey popularity has soared in the past year in large part due to the wildly popular Bored Ape Yacht Club.  The Bored Ape Yacht Club, or “BAYC” for short, is an NFT Monkey collection of 10,000 bored apes on the Ethereum Blockchain.  When first minted, one of the BAYC non-fungible tokens cost just under $300.00.  Today, the floor price for is at about $154K.  This project has exploded both in price and in the pop culture sphere.  Now, let’s take a look at some of the most expensive NFT Monkeys ever sold.

1.  NFT Monkey:  Worth Its Weight In Gold Fur

NFT Monkey #8817

The most expensive NFT Monkey ever sold was auctioned off at Sotheby’s and sold for $3.4 million.  This extremely rare piece of digital art has gold fur, a woold turtleneck, and is holding a party horn in his mouth.

NFT Monkey #8817.

2.  NFT Monkey:  Freaking Laser Beams

This NFT Monkey sold for $2.9 million.  This NFT Monkey has gold fur and is shooting laser beams from his eyes.  This particular Bored Ape was purchased by the Sandbox Metaverse.

NFT Monkey #3749.

3.  Bored Ape 232:  Another Golden Monkey

NFT Monkey NFT sold for $2.81 million.  This Bored Ape was purchased by Chain CEO, Deepak Thapliyal.  This rare ape is wearing a smocking jacket, has sleep eyes, and golden fur.

Bored Ape #232.

4.  NFT Monkey Be Trippin

NFT Monkey #8585 sold for $2.7 million.  This unique NFT has trippy fur, a King’s crown and hear-shaped glasses.

NFT Monkey #8585.

5. This Monkey’s a Rare One

NFT Monkey #2087 sold for $2.3 million.  This NFT has trippy-rainbow colored fur and is considered the 9th rarest Bored Ape in the NFT collection.

NFT Monkey #2087.

6. Can I take your order?

Only one month after being purchased for $563K, Bored Ape #7090 sold for $2.27 million.  This NFT has heart-shaped sunglasses, rainbow colored teeth, and is wearing a fast-food uniform.  4 of the top 10 NFT Monkeys have golden fur as a common attribute.

NFT Monkey #7090.

7. The Unshaven NFT Monkey

This Bored Ape sold for $1.87 million or 550 ether at the time of the purchase.  This Bored Ape is unique for several reasons.  First, the ape is unshaven and has a dagger in his mouth.  The trippy captain’s hat and golden jacket make this NFT a much sought after piece of NFT art.  There is no wonder this is the 7th rarest Bored Ape in the collection.

NFT Monkey #8135.

8. A Vested NFT Monkey

Bored Ape Yacht Club #4580 sold for $1.84 million.  this rare Bored Ape has a dumbfounded look on his face and is a wearing a seaman’s cap, while rocking a biker’s vest.

NFT Monkey #4580.

9. An NFT Monkey Transformation

This Bored Ape sold for $1.63 million.  One of the coolest Bored Ape’s, it sadly supervised its own demise when the owner of this cool Bored Ape purchased an M2 Serum and transformed this Bored Ape into Mutant Ape #17125.

NFT Monkey #3562.

However, NFT Monkey 17125 still holds up as some pretty awesome artwork.

NFT Monkey #17125.

10. NFT Monkey:  I’ll Be Back

This Bored Ape sold for $1.61 million.  The ape has cyborg eyes, robot fur and only 4 traits.  Bored Ape #5199 is the 58th most rare ape in the collection.

NFT Monkey #5199.

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